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Click on one of the items below to add it to your shopping cart. All fields are required in order for us to process your payment.

You can add more registrants or view your shopping cart at any time. To return to the main shopping page, click on Pay Fees on the website menu. This website accepts payments via PayPal only. If you wish to pay by check then you may do so in person on the designated registration dates and locations.

Sibling Discount

Discounts are available for the second child only. To include the discount, add the Coupon Code “sibling” when you get to the Checkout page.

Note: Sibling Discount applies to the second child only. If any child other than the second child includes the sibling discount then that child will not be registered!

Early Bird Discount

A $25 discount is available for all registrants until March 31, 2024. After that date, the early bird discount is no longer available.

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