Registration and Fee Information

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Participant Contract – Legal name of participant (name off birth certificate must match) make sure your child signs/print their signature (regardless of age)

Physical Fitness and Medical History - make sure your health plan's Policy or Group Number and Primary Insured is filled out. If you do not have healthcare, please write "None". Doctor signature is mandatory, along with phone and address filled out or stamped with doctor name, address and phone number.

Waiver - did you play or cheer for another league in SCC/PW last season? If so, please fill out the waiver, follow the form’s directions and include it in the registration packet.


Residency Proof - gas or electric bill, or property tax bill. All must have your name and address on it. Most current month is required.

Grades - Tiny Mite to Varsity must provide the final grades from the school year. Must provide report card at equipment checkout.

Birth Certificate – Must bring original birth certificate or passport. We are required to keep it on file throughout the season.

Fees for Football and Cheerleading

2024 RBYFC Fees



RBYFC Teams 2024  Fee   Registration Fee due at time of registration
Flag Football Registration  -- Flag football not available for the 2024 season
Football (tackle) Registration  $375 Registration Fee due at time of registration. Early Bird Registration is $350 through March 31, 2024
Cheerleading Registration  $575 Registration Fee due at time of registration. Early Bird Registration is $550 through March 31, 2024
Sibling Discount  -$25 Subtract $25 FOR SECOND CHILD ONLY when signing up
Equipment Deposit Fee

(Football Only) 

 $325   Check returned during equipment turn-in at end of season. (Post-dated check for 9/01/2024.)
Volunteer Deposit Fee (Snack Stand)  $250 Check returned after season if shifts worked. Buyout available for $150.00. (Post-dated check for 9/01/2024.)

Please note Cheer will have additional uniform costs.

Refunds: See Refund policy.